Established since 2014, the company’s experience is based on our collaboration and partnership with PEKEMA, MAI, and MAGIS as well as the continuous development of new products and services in line with our motto “National Islamic Warranty“. APEG System Sdn Bhd (1086165-X) has grown significantly to become the only Islamic Warranty Provider of extended warranty for imported reconditioned automobiles (cars and motorcycles). APEG essentially offers owners of all types and makes of vehicles, the protection that they would require, thus ensuring that their investments, no matter how big or small, will always take care of. APEG Warranty is a provider of warranty program for imported re-conditioned cars and motorcycles.

APEG Warranty Package can be purchased at our office or at our Authorized Dealer. We have several authorized marketers, sales consultants, advisers marketing, and used car companies promoting the warranty packages. These persons/companies may receive the application form and submit the car for inspection (if required) together with limited authority or right to collect any payment on our behalf. These authority and right is subject to our approval. Please check with us always before making any payments.

What does APEG Warranty offer?

As a captive warranty provider, our warranty package is highly competitive in rates.

  1. We practice an Islamic principle (Al-Mudharabah – profit sharing) whereby you can get up to 15% rebate for your next warranty purchase (i.e: 2nd year).

  2. PEKEMA is an established vehicles association in Malaysia where are backed up with hundreds of dealers and workshop nationwide.

  3. Established & genuine APEG Workshop sync with MAGIS (MAI) system online for easier tracking.

  4. Longest warranty package in the market – 3 years coverage.

  5. APEG Warranty will provide genuine spare parts for all repairs and claims under the warranty at any workshop chosen near you (OPEN WORKSHOP CONCEPT).


Dato’ Zainuddin Abd. Rahman (kiri) bersama Dato’ Wahid Lasiman (kanan) , Neelofa (tengah) dan Hamzi AJK PEKEMA (kanan) ketika Majlis Makan Malam PEKEMA 17 Januari 2017 di Marriot, Putrajaya.



Dato’ Zainuddin Abd. Rahman (tengah) menandatangani plak perasmian APEG WARRANTY sambil disaksikan Dato’ Wahid Lasiman (kanan) dan wakil Institut Automatif Malaysia (MAI), Nizmar Mohd. Nazar di Shah Alam, 5 Jun 2015.