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tickAPEG Warranty combines all these benefits into one unique comprehensive package!

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tickWe offer 3 years coverages up to 75,000 km/year

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We are Providing Best in Class Car Insurance Services

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We offer with lowest and affordable premium warranty coverage

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We here at APEG practice open workshop concept nationwide

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We do free inspection before warranty activation

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Established and genuine APEG workshop in sync with MAGIS online system

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We standby for 24 hours APEG claim assist and serve our customers

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We in line with National Automotive Policy development

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the PRIOR Conditions to sign up APEG warranty package?

Before a warranty can be purchased from us, the car must be approved under our inspection and pre-assessment, which will be carried out by our authorized adjuster and the car must not be registered more than 7 years at the time of application/inspection.


Is APEG Warranty Package a Motor Insurance Policy?

No, this is not a motor insurance policy. A motor insurance policy is only purchased to repair accidental or collision either own damage or third party.


How much does APEG Warranty cost?

In regards to pricing, a number of factors have been taken into account in determining the fee. These include the type of car, the age of the car and kilometers traveled, the car’s history in relation to servicing, where the car is driven and any form of modifications to the car. The price list is further depends on the number years and the type of warranty package purchased at the time of the warranty application. The final warranty fee shall be determined and stipulated by us in our invoice.


Do all cars and motorcycles eligible for APEG Warranty?

- For cars: Below 4,000 C.C, 7 years old and less than 120,000km mileage recorded at the time. - For motorcycles: Below 2,000 C.C, 6 years old and less than 100,000km mileage recorded at the time.


The used car dealer you are buying your car may not promote APEG Warranty?

You can contact us directly through our marketers and promoters. We will liaise with dealers to make our warranty available to you.


Do we offer auto assist service?

All of our warranty package comes with 24 hours roadside auto assist. In the event of breakdown, you can call the toll free number from the guide book mailed to you that will be valid throughout you warranty period. Once the warranty period expires or the warranty is made void, the auto assistance automatically expires.


How can I claim for my repair during my warranty period?

If you wish to make any claim, you will need to provide proof that you have had the vehicle serviced regularly. Please contact us via email at apeg.system@gmail.com /SMS at 017-2356900.


How do I know if my warranty is still valid?

You may refer to the details available in your service & warranty booklet. You contact us via email at apeg.system@gmail.com /SMS at 017-2356900 for more info and enquiry.


Can you cancel the warranty package?

You may cancel the warranty package at any time subject always that there shall not be any refund whatsoever of the warranty fee to you