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APEG Warranty essentially offers an extended warranty package for owners of recond vehicles. Imported from the UK, Japan or other authorized country of origin. Apeg Warranty covers vehicles that are between 1 to 8 years old and are imported in accordance with regulations set by Malaysian Authorities

APEG has developed various warranty packages that will suit you appropriately.

  • In accordance with Malaysia’s import policies
  • Warranty coverage of up to 7 years / 175,000km.
  • Reconditioned vehicle aged up to 5 Years (Continental) / 8 Years (Japanese) are eligible.
  • Open workshop concept for customers convenience.
  • Fastest claims process.
  • Genuine spare parts provided [Repairs/Claims]
  • Major items coverage including major mechanical & electrical components

If your vehicle does not have a manufacturer’s warranty, it becomes the owners’ risk to repair the vehicle in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. As your vehicle ages or has travelled a great distance, the more likely your vehicle will have defects mechanical or electrical components. Our warranty program will secure your car over the period of coverage.

The warranty can easily be purchased from our online portal or through our certified marketing officers. For Japanese vehicles, we do not require a pre-inspection. However, for Continental vehicles will undergo a pre-inspection before your vehicle is covered by APEG Warranty. All vehicles must pass the pre-inspection in order to be covered by APEG Warranty. Japanese vehicles must not exceed the age of more than 8 Years, Continental vehicles must not exceed the age years more than 5 Years.

No, this is not a motor insurance policy. A motor insurance policy covers repairs due to accidents or collisions either comprehensive or third party.

We have multiple methods of purchasing APEG Warranty Packages, we encourage you to purchase our warranty via car online portal. As we will have offers that you can benefit from us, click on get quotation to receive a free quote for your vehicle today. Our customer service officer will communicate and guide you through the process. If you have made up your decision, you can directly purchase online [Please note that Continental Vehicle may need pre-inspection before warranty commences]. 

Prices of APEG Warranty packages are determined by the make and model of your vehicle into which package which has determined by APEG Warranty. Pricing may also differ as to the years of the warranty period. All prices are fixed as shown upon your checkout page. Do check our web portal for the latest promotions.

Most reconditioned vehicles are eligible for APEG Warranty. Kindly refer to our warranty plans offered before any purchase is made.

All vehicles must be maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer service schedule and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer service standard by an SSM-Registered workshop/service center.

In the event your vehicle has a mechanical or electrical breakdown, please contact APEG Warranty Hotline for assistance. In most cases, our aftersales team will ask you to contact your insurance panel for towing assistance. Your vehicle will be towed to the nearest/chosen service/repair center that are authorized by APEG Warranty. All repair and replacement of the malfunctioning parts of your vehicle (under coverage) will be reassessed before we authorize any claim.

We recommend you to our Recommended Workshop Panel, where you can get the best specialist services for your vehicle. APEG is one of the first in Malaysia that provide Open Workshop Panel, if you are not located nearby our Recommended Workshop Panel, you can choose any authorized workshop that is located near you. Our Recommend Workshop Panel are listed up on our website for your viewing or contact us at 017-235 6900 (Aftersales)

In the event you want to proceed with a claim due to mechanical or electrical breakdown or any inquiries related to claims, please contact APEG Warranty Hotline for assistance on 017-235 6900 (Aftersales).

Depending on your warranty plan, there is a claim limit. You may refer to our website for warranty plans and their claim limits.

All warranties have their expiring date in which you may refer to your service booklet, or you may also check on our website under ‘Online Check’ or feel free to contact us at 03-8740 6216 (Office).

Any cancellation of the warranty plan purchased made but the coverage premium is non-refundable.

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