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APEG Warranty programme cover vehicles as terms follows;


Available to all Japanese brands aged up to eight (8) years; Continental brands aged up to five (5) years from the date of manufacturing AND mileage recorded less than 100,000KM at the time of purchase of this warranty program.

Condition Precedent

Continental brands shall be subjected to undergo an independent assessment by an appointed party as coverage will only be issued upon APEG’s approval of the vehicle’s condition.

Cooling Off

All vehicles shall be subjected to a cooling-off period for 30 days or 1,000 km from the date of cover whichever is greater.

Repair Works

Vehicle owners are obligated to repair their vehicle as recommended by the workshop and any refusal to do so may render the warranty coverage void. APEG hereby reserves the right to refuse any warranty coverage against the same type of repair in any subsequent claim(s). 

Hidden Defects

Vehicle owners hereby represent to APEG that the vehicle condition which is subjected to the warranty under this programme is as declared to APEG and any hidden defects and/or damage which are within the owner’s/ sales agent’s/ AP Holder’s knowledge but failed to be declared, shall be exempted from this warranty coverage.



  1. The car shall be sent for service according to the manufacturer service schedule and shall be maintained in accordance with manufacturer service standard by any authorized/approved SSM-Registered & PIAM-Registered.

  2. The service record booklet must be included the service reference number, signed, and stamped by the service and repair center confirming that service has been carried out accordingly.

  3. Any repairs on the warranty part during warranty period shall only be made upon workshop provisional authorization/approval from us.

  4. No claims will be accepted for damage caused by:

    • Neglect

    • Corrosion

    • Any foreign matter getting into or onto a parts

    • Lack of servicing

    • Overheating or freezing

    • Abuse

    • Damage to parts not covered under this warranty

    • Correct oil / fluid levels not maintained

    • Intentional Damage

    • Riot

    • Vandalism

    • Mischief

    • Act of Terrorism

    • Motorsport Racing Purpose

  5. No claim will be accepted for damage caused by fire, flood, war, sonic booms, or nuclear radiation.

  6. Warranty of repairs will be made entirely at the discretion of the warranty administrator who reserves the right to either repair/recondition damaged components or to replace damaged components with
    the used/reconditioned components. No repairs may be carried out until warranty administrator provides a claim recommendation.

  7. If you fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this warranty, your claim will be rejected and your warranty will be canceled/revoked.

  8. No claim will be accepted for any consequential loss due to parts not covered by this warranty, where consequential loss is caused by covered part.

  9. Non-disclosure or misrepresentation – this policy is voidable if you or your representative fail to disclose or misrepresents any material fact.

  10. We will keep any personal information given to us in strict confidence and in compliance with Data Protection Act 2010, but for the purpose of providing and handling claims, this may mean passing the
    information to third parties with an implied consent by customer.

  11. We reserve the right to alter/modify the conditions without prior notice to customers.

  12. APEG Warranty will accept unregistered recond vehicles less than 2 months of date registered; Extended Warranty will be accepted if the vehicle maintain a validity of 5 years manufacture warranty.

  13. APEG Warranty do not cover any Hybrid model under any of our warranty package.

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